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Media CoverageThe media coverages are summaries of the newspaper articles of the day published about SNU

  • January 24, 2011

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SNU decided to give an honorary diploma to LEE Yong-jun, an SNU student of Architecture who died from a heart attack while doing volunteer work in. LEE was chosen as the recipient of the Korea Young Talent Award by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology last October for his volunteerism.
-Published in Yonhap News

Although SNU has decided to freeze its tuition fee, there still are conflicts about who will form the Tuition Fee Commission. SNU Student President Ji Yoon expressed her apprehensive view towards it, mentioning the incorporation and that the tuition might rise if the Commission is comprised mainly of SNU members.
-Published in MBN News

YOON Suck Chul, SNU Professor Emeritus of Business, also known as “Korea’s Peter Drucker,” said in his interview that survival equation (the value of a product should be higher than its price for the consumers, the price be higher than its cost for the producers) is the key to growth of both major companies and smaller enterprises, and to labor-management relations. He also stressed the importance of simplifying complicated tasks to make a more effective and timely decision.
-Published in Hankyung

PARK Wan Suh, SNU honorary doctorate of Korean Language and Literature, passed away on January 22nd. Starting her career with her first novel “Bare Tree,” she wrote many literary works on war, a divided country, oppression of women’s rights, industrialization, and humanity. PARK is well-renowned for her elaborate style and prolificacy in writing, leaving more than 200 books including those for youth readers.
-Published in DongA Ilbo

SNU Hospital Healthcare System Gangnam Center said one out of 150 in their 30~40s is susceptible to cancer, especially thyroid cancer. CHOI Su Yeon, Professor of Internal Medicine, advised regular exercise, moderation in drinking, and maintenance of healthy weight to prevent cancer.
-Published in Kookmin Ilbo

KIM Byung Jong, SNU Professor of Oriental Art, chose “Silence” by the Japanese writer Endo Shusaku, as the book he wanted to suggest to his two sons. He said this novel was about the relation between human and god, which can be expanded to the theme of the universe and beings. KIM also mentioned that Silence was recommendable to non-Christians as well since the main story is focusing on the question we at least once cast in our lives.
-Published in Chosun Ilbo

HONG Doo-Seung, SNU Professor of Sociology, wrote a column about the recent rescue of Korean sailors who were abducted by Somali pirates. HONG said this incident regained the trust of the people who were deeply depressed with the Yeonpyeongdo and Cheonanham incident which claimed many Korean soldiers’ lives.
-Published in Joongang Ilbo

LEE Sang Myon, SNU Professor of Law, wrote a column about the relationship between Korean and . has signed the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) with last June, which is expected to damage ’s economic benefit from trade and investment with . LEE said should build a friendly relationship with both economically and culturally.
-Published in Maeil Business Newspaper

LEE Sang-Kun, SNU Professor of Medicine, wrote a column about crime and temporal lobe epilepsy. LEE said he was worried the recent incident of Kim Kil-Tae (charged with sex offense and murder of a teenager) whose sentence was reduced from execution to life imprisonment might produce a misunderstanding that patients with temporal lobe epilepsy are potential criminals. He stressed this illness is irrelevant to what KIM had done and those who insist they have some kind of disorder just to avoid punishment should be given a heavier sentence.
-Published in Seoul Shinmun

YUN Ke Sop, SNU Professor Emeritus of Business, wrote a column that strengthening national power will lead to unification. YUN stressed the importance of economic growth and reinforcing national defense.
-Published in Hankyung

Summarized by LEE Ye Ha, SNU English Editor
January 25, 2011
January 21, 2011