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The Times Ranked SNU 51st in the World

  • November 8, 2007
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Seoul National University ranks 51st, up from 63rd in 2006, according to the World University Rankings 2007 by the Times Higher Education Supplement. SNU is becoming globally renowned for its excellence as a result of steady progress in research.

Ranked 93rd in 2005, SNU was the first university in Korea to be placed in the top 100 universities in the world. SNU ranked 63rd in 2006, and jumped to 51st in 2007, proving that it is well on the way to becoming a 'university of the world'.

SNU also ranks 38th in the world for natural sciences, 46th for biomedicine, 56th for engineering and technology, and 57th for social sciences.

This remarkable boost was made possible by the advancement in research by SNU professors and the continuous efforts for the internationalization of SNU. President Jang-Moo Lee has placed great emphasis on the internationalization of SNU and has steadily promoted various internationalization projects since his inauguration in August of 2006.

The internationalization efforts of SNU include signing more than 500 academic exchanges with leading foreign universities, inviting foreign scholars, expanding the international student body and faculty, and establishing the International Summer Institute (ISI).

President Jang-Moo Lee has clarified the internationalization status of SNU and its progress through talks with officials from the education field and research centers worldwide, including the presidents of leading foreign universities.
SNU ranks 42nd for peer review, the evaluation of excellence in research, which is made by academics all over the world. The citation index per professor (20%), which shows the influence of research ranks 88th, up from 160th in 2006.

The Times annually selects the top 200 universities in the world according to peer review(40%), citation index per professor(20%), student to faculty ratio(20%), recruiter review(10%), international faculty ratio(5%), and international student ratio(10%).

President Jang-Moo Lee said,"SNU's ranking in the evaluation of The Times is very meaningful. It is the result of endless effort from the faculty despite the many limitations including financial difficulties."

President Jang-Moo Lee added,"Although this ranking may be slightly disappointing to the Korean people, SNU will continue to make a strenuous effort and establish its place as one of the top 10 universities in 2025. I strongly hope that encouragement and advice for a better SNU will never cease as SNU advances into the future."

November 8, 2007
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