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[Issue 35] President OH Yeon-Cheon Attends World Academic Summit

  • October 25, 2013
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SNU NOW is an online newsletter for international members of SNU community
President OH Yeon-Cheon Attends World Academic Summit
President OH Yeon-Cheon Attends World Academic Summit
October 4, 2013 President Oh visited Nanyang Technological University in Singapore to attend the 2013 World Academic Summit hosted by the Times Higher Education. Other university presidents from around the world also attended this event and shared their experiences in regards to academic globalization. more
Interview with Professor Bernhard Egger
Interview with Professor Bernhard Egger
October 6, 2013 Professor Bernhard Egger (SNU School of Computer Science and Engineering), who recently became the first ever non-Korean administrative faculty member, was interviewed by JoongAng Ilbo. Professor Egger talked about his experience in Korea and at SNU, how he was stuck with the name ‘Edgar’ for 5 years because an administrative officer misunderstood his name, and expressed his desire to act as a bridge between international students, professors and the school. He personally gave a score of 6 out of 10 for SNU’s degree of globalization and stated that his ultimate goal is to establish a ‘one-stop administrative service system’ for international students and faculty members. more
SNU Committee of Research Integrity Given Authority to Investigate
SNU Committee of Research Integrity Given Authority to Investigate
October 7, 2013 SNU has a final draft of the revised Rules of the SNU Committee of Research Integrity, giving the Committee authority to ‘search and seize’ and to even shut down research labs accused of plagiarism in order to prevent destruction of evidence. Also, if a researcher destroys his/her research notes or data, the research in question will be regarded as in breach of integrity. This revision of the rules, which is the first in 7 years when they were revised due to the Dr. HWANG Woo Suk scandal, is in response to the incessant incidents of breach of academic integrity. The final draft will be confirmed upon the approval of the University Council. more
SNU’s International Students to Publish Korean Webzine Seoulism
SNU’s International Students to Publish Korean Webzine Seoulism
October 8, 2013 Fifteen international students enrolled at SNU and other Korean universities are publishing a weekly web magazine, Seoulism (, in the Korean language. Mr. Tyler Rasch, editor-in-chief of Seoulism and a student here at the SNU Department of Political Science and International Relations, states that the mission of Seoulism is to increase cross-cultural communication and improve the Korean language skills of international students. The students do not receive editing help from Koreans, and instead learn much from the experience of writing and cross-editing each other’s work. The topics range from Korean college culture to Korean cuisine, covering a wide variety of stories from a foreigner’s point of view. more
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