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[Issue 82] "I Want to Be Guatemala’s First Ever Sports Administrator"

  • October 10, 2014
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SNU NOW is an online newsletter for international members of SNU community
I Want to Be Guatemala’s First Ever Sports Administrator
I Want to Be Guatemala’s First Ever Sports Administrator
October 6, 2014 In an interview with Seoul Shinmun, Mr. Cruz Isai, a Guatemalan national who is currently enrolled in the SNU Global Sports Management Graduate Program, voiced his dream to be his homeland’s first ever sports administrator. During the last few weeks he has been accumulating hands-on experience in the field of sports administration by volunteering as a staff member for the Incheon Asian Games. “It was a very special experience as a non-Asian to be able to participate in the Asian Games,” he said. Previously a Guatemala national youth track and field runner and the national team coach in the 2012 London Paralympics, Mr. Isai was admitted to the ‘Dream Together’ master’s course which is offered by the Korean government to educate sports players, coaches and administrators from underdeveloped nations. more
SNU Students’ Special Volunteer Work
SNU Students’ Special Volunteer Work
October 7, 2014 The SNU Student Council for Social Responsibility volunteered in the red bean fields of Daehwa-myun, Pyeongchang as part of its ‘Hello! Red Circle’ program. Not only do these students help farmers with their field work, they purchase the red beans they picked and produce red bean fomentation packs, the sales profit of which will be invested in the farmers, thus creating a virtuous cycle. The fomentation packs were made as volunteer work of students of the Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design. Half the packs will go out to senior citizens who live alone, and the other half will be sold to the general public. “We wanted to do more than just help out with farming work,” said Mi Hyang SUH, chairperson of the Council. “We also learned much about marketing and sales through this experience.” more
Hangeul Orthography for the Aymara Language
October 9, 2014 The Department of Linguistics and the Department of Spanish and Spanish Literature are currently working on creating Hangeul orthography for the Aymara language which the Aymara, an indigenous people of the Andes, use. The Aymaran language has no script of its own, and borrows the Roman alphabet. Most Aymaran vowels can be written in Hangeul, but Aymaran consonants are more diverse than Hangeul so the research team is considering reviving dead Hangeul consonants. However, since Aymarans already use the Roman alphabet, the research team doubts they will use Hangeul orthography as an alternative choice, and is focusing more on studying the Aymaran language itself. more
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