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Fusion of Tradition and Innovation: Kwanjeong Library

  • July 24, 2015
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News from Seoul National University July 15, 2015 facebook twitter
Seoul National University (SNU) opened its second library that has all the newest technology in its elegant building. The new library was designed to embrace the old library and named as Kwanjeong Library after its the donator.
Going from lecture to lecture, classroom to library, library to home, can lead to a mundane pattern of university life. Breaking the monotony, various art performances popped up all over the campus in the name of Art Space @ SNU.
The JW LEE Center for Global Medicine was opened on August 2012, a result of active investment by the WHO. During its opening ceremony, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon gave an inspiring speech calling upon medical students to"Be a doctor, treat the world!"
"If someone was to ask when our next win will be, our answer would be, 'We're not sure'. For us, how we play the game is as important as winning," said the leader of SNU Baseball Team.
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