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SNU Diversity Council Takes Action

  • May 23, 2016
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News from Seoul National University May 23, 2016 facebook twitter
Ski jumping hill at PyeongChang
Seoul National University has launched the Diversity Council dedicated to spreading awareness and action toward creating a campus that respects students and faculty regardless of gender, nationality, and physical, economic, or social differences.
SNU humanities professors have conducted lectures in prison: ten professors, 60 lectures, in the span of six years. Every Friday morning from 10 AM to noon, professors lectured on topics like philosophy, religious studies, history, and also cultural studies of countries like Germany, Italy, India, Latin America, and Ancient Greece.
SNU students from Nepal held a remembrance event for the first anniversary of the earthquake that devastated the South Asian country and also launched a donation campaign for the recent disaster in Ecuador.
SNU School of Law revealed its plans to introduce the ‘Promise Scholarship’, adopted from the Bucerius Law School in Germany. Recipients of this scholarship must “promise” to give back more than the amount they received from the scholarship, in order to help their juniors.
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