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[Issue 50] President OH Stresses Confucian Values at Stanford

  • February 12, 2014
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President Yeon-Cheon OH Stresses Confucian Values at Stanford
President Yeon-Cheon OH Stresses Confucian Values at Stanford
February 9, 2014 SNU President Yeon-Cheon Oh gave a special lecture at Stanford University on the theme of ‘Civil consensus for universal values in East Asia’ on February 7. President Oh said that historical reconciliation and rectification of past wrongs is needed to build faith among East Asian nations. East Asian states should respect the common values of humanity, he said, and East Asian intellectuals should think alongside other world citizens. He emphasized the role of universities to produce knowledge that can overcome national barriers, and that university scholars should pursue the collective interest of the East Asia region and humanity. President Oh’s lecture was part of a series of lectures by the Stanford Asia Pacific Research Center (APARC). more
Pregnant Women May Now Park in Parking Spaces Reserved for the Disabled
Pregnant Women May Now Park in Parking Spaces Reserved for the Disabled
February 10, 2014 Starting March 2014, SNU will allow pregnant women and students with infants or toddlers to use parking spaces originally reserved for disabled people. Students with a medical note confirming pregnancy can receive temporary parking stickers allowing them use of such spaces. Also, the SNU Library is starting a book lending service for women in their third trimester of pregnancy and students -- regardless of gender -- with infants or toddlers. These people can request that the library staff on the 4th floor retrieve the books (mostly located on the 5th floor) they need. Students with infants or toddlers can bring their children to the 4th floor lobby, where previously, underage children were not allowed to enter. These changes in the school policy are the result of the efforts of Mom in SNU, an SNU student mothers’ organization. more
SNU and Samsung Co-develop Graphene Smartphone
SNU and Samsung Co-develop Graphene Smartphone
February 11, 2014 Professor Byung Hee HONG (Department of Chemistry) and Samsung Techwin have developed a way to mass produce graphene and apply it to smartphones. Graphene has high electrical conductivity and so was expected to be used in manufacturing electronic goods. However, there were problems in size, uniformity and stability which stopped it from being widely used. Professor Hong used rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition (RT-CVD) technology to develop graphene film over 400×300㎟ wide. This technology allows graphene to be produced in a mere 40 minutes whereas it previously took 300 minutes to produce the same amount. Samsung Techwin applied this graphene film to their smartphones’ multi-touch screen and remarked that they have affirmed the possibility of mass producing smartphones using graphene. The specifics of this research were published in the February 10 edition of ACS Nano. more
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