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[Issue 40] Professor Jong-Hak WOO Discovers Twin Black Holes

  • November 27, 2013
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SNU School of Law Admits Two North Korean Defectors
SNU School of Law Admits Two North Korean Defectors
November 8, 2013 Two North Korean defectors, Mr. LEE Se Jin and Mr. IM Chul, were admitted to the SNU School of Law Class of 2014. Mr. LEE Se Jin’s family scattered in the late 1990s during the North Korean food crisis, leading him to cross the Chinese border at the mere age of 14 and enter South Korean territory in 2003. Mr. IM Chul comes from a family which was deported to the Aogi labor camp in North Korea for his lawyer grandfather’s outspokenness against the Kim Il Sung regime. His father escaped North Korea when he was 9 years old, leaving him alone with his younger sister. In 1998 he too escaped North Korea with his grandmother and sister to find his father. Both applicants stated that their willingness to help fellow North Koreans when unification takes place played a vital role in their decision to apply to law school. more
Eighty-two Percent of SNU Doctors Refuse Life Prolonging Treatment for Themselves
Eighty-two Percent of SNU Doctors Refuse Life Prolonging Treatment for Themselves
November 9, 2013 According to a survey of 166 SNU Hospital doctors by Professor YUN Young Ho of the SNU School of Medicine, 82.3 percent replied that they do not want life prolonging treatment in case they are predicted to die of a serious illness within 6 months. However, only 70 percent replied that they would refuse life prolonging treatment when the dying person was one of their parents or a patient.--the reason behind the discrepancy being to avoid blame when the person in question actually dies. more
SNU Professor Develops Anti-Cancer and Anti-Metastatic Material
SNU Professor Develops Anti-Cancer and Anti-Metastatic Material
November 10, 2013 Professor KIM Sung-Hoon of the Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology has developed a new substance which prevents the metastasis of cancer. Last year, Professor Kim’s research team discovered that cancer cells create KRS enzymes which combine with laminin receptors and accelerate the metastasis of cancer cells. The new material modifies the structure of the KRS enzymes so that they will not be able to combine with laminin receptors. The details of this study have been published in the online November 11 edition of Nature Chemical Biology. more
Professor V. Narry KIM Develops Selective RNA Elimination
Professor V. Narry KIM Develops Selective RNA Elimination
November 11, 2013 Professor V. Narry KIM of the Institute of Basic Science and Professor Jin-Soo KIM of the SNU Department of Chemistry have developed a new technology to eliminate specific microRNAs. This microRNA control technology could potentially be used to cure cancer and other illnesses. The research team used TALENs (enzymes) to separate certain microRNA from a cell. TALENs had previously been used to create protein, but this is the first time they have been used to separate microRNA. The research team developed 540 different TALENs for this specific purpose, and when applied to cancer cells, the proliferation rate of cancer cells fell to one third of what it was previously. This development was published in the November 11 edition of Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. more
SNU MBA Graduates Placed 1st in Work Ability Evaluation
November 12, 2013 SNU MBA graduates were placed 1st in reputation by recruiting managers in a survey by DongAIlbo and Towers Watson. Of the 14 Korean MBAs, Korea University ranked 2nd and Yonsei University was placed 3rd. A total of 104 recruiting managers participated in the survey and answered questions on school curriculum, work ability, school reputation, employee dedication to their company, influential alumni and the caliber of faculty members. SNU was placed 1st in regards to work ability and school curriculum, but placed 14th in employee dedication. Recruiting managers also replied that they consider an applicant’s workability to be the most important factor in making employment decisions, with school reputation and dedication to the company following suit. more
Professor WOO Jong-Hak Discovers Twin Black Holes
November 13, 2013 An international research team including Korean scientists has discovered twin black holes which are 4.5 billion light years away from Earth. The two black holes are 2600 light years apart, but are drawing close to each other to join one another. Professor Jong-Hak WOO of the SNU Department of Physics and Astronomy who is a member of the research team said that this discovery will contribute greatly to the study of black hole collisions. This discovery was published in the November issue of the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. more
SNU Asia Center Hosts Indian Culture Week
SNU Asia Center Hosts Indian Culture Week
November 14, 2013 The SNU Asia Research Center is hosting an Indian Culture Week from November 19 – 21 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Korea and India. The Indian Consul of Korea will be invited to give a speech, and the center will screen notable Indian movies, host an Indian art exhibition and offer yoga classes to give everyone interested a chance to experience Indian culture. Also, Indian food will be available at certain school cafeterias. more
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