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Distinguished SNU Members

Seoul National University honors the people who made distinguished achievements in their lives with the Distinguished SNU Members Award. It has been the highest honor bestowed upon SNU alumni or faculty since 1991. The award is granted annually on the founding anniversary of the university during the official anniversary ceremony.

SONG Young-wook/Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Korea Polio Association

Chairman Song actively carried out social activities as a legal specialist in the finance and international trade sector despite having physical disabilities

OH Chang-Young/Member of the establishment committee of the National Museum of History

Oh was a veterinarian who devoted himself for 40 years to protecting wild animals and creating zoos in Korea. He raised awareness of environmental protection in Korea.

Louis Pal CHANG/First Dean of SNU College of Fine Arts

Dean Chang was the advocate of Korean folk art during Japanese colonialization. He contributed to the development of Korean contemporary art by establishing the Korean Art Exhibition after achieving liberation from Japan.

HAN Man-Nyun/Founding CEO of Ilchokak Publishing Group

Han contributed to the development of publishing industry by publishing more than 1,300 scholarly books over the course of more than 40 years. He published nonprofitable scholarly books and research journals even amid economic difficulties.

HAHN Sang-Ki/Agricultural leader in Nigeria

Dr. Han greatly contributed to the resolution of Nigeria's food crisis by devoting himself to the dissemination of improved bulb plant breeds. Han led international agricultural studies by serving on the steering committee of the International Society for Horticultural Science, as Director of the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture.

Last updated in 2018