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Distinguished SNU Members

Seoul National University honors the people who made distinguished achievements in their lives with the Distinguished SNU Members Award. It has been the highest honor bestowed upon SNU alumni or faculty since 1991. The award is granted annually on the founding anniversary of the university during the official anniversary ceremony.

GONG Ro-Myung/Chairman of the Sejong Foundation

Chairman Gong served in a diplomatic capacity since 1958 as a government official in the United States, Russia, and Japan. He contributed to enhancing Korea's international reputation.

KIM In Kwon/Director of Wilson Leprosy Center and Rehabilitation Hospital

Doctor Kim devoted his entire life to treating incurable diseases such as leprosy and rehabilitation for the physically disabled as the director of the Wilson Leprosy Center and Rehabilitation Hospital, Korea's first leprosy treatment institution. He also carried out international medical volunteer work in China and Vietnam since 1999.

MIN Keh-sik/Chairman of Hyundai Heavy Industries

Chairman Min devoted himself to the shipbuilding industry for more than 40 years, and contributed to Korea becoming the world's top shipbuilding country by developing world-class quality shipbuilding technology

LEE In-ho/Chairperson of the Asan Institute

Chairperson Lee was the first female ambassador in Korea. She achieved outstanding results in diplomacy toward the North while serving as the Korean ambassador to Finland and Russia

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