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Distinguished SNU Members

Seoul National University honors the people who made distinguished achievements in their lives with the Distinguished SNU Members Award. It has been the highest honor bestowed upon SNU alumni or faculty since 1991. The award is granted annually on the founding anniversary of the university during the official anniversary ceremony.

SEUNG Hyo-sang/CEO of IROJE KHM Architects

Seung presented a new chapter in the art of architecture as an artistic architect representing the contemporary era. He was first architect to be selected as the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art "Artist of the Year". He acted as the coordinator of Paju Book City and the chief organizer of the Gwangju Design Biennale.

SHIN Young Kyun/Founder of Shin Young Kyun Arts & Culture Foundation

Shin Greatly increased Korea's cultural capacity as an actor who led the golden days of Korean film in the 1960-70s; Carried out various social contribution activities by establishing the "SHIN Young Kyun Arts and Cultural Foundation" in 2010, making contributions to scholarship projects, and identifying talented individuals in film

HWANG Chang-Gyu/CEO of Semiconductor Business at Samsung Electronics

Hwang led a dramatic transition in the semiconductor industry by presenting the "New Memory Growth Model". He established the national R&D strategy based on the highest level of expertise, and led technological development for the future of Korea

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