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Professor YOO Myoungsoon
Prof. YOO Myoungsoon
Crisis Communication, Public Perception and Outrage of Health and Environmental Risks, Embitterment and Societal Well-being, Patient/Person Centered healthcare communication
Professor JU Biung-ghi
Prof. JU Biung-ghi
JU, BIUNG-GHI is a professor in the Department of Economics at Seoul National University and the director of the Center for Distributive Justice. His research and teaching interests are in distributive justice, income distribution and inequality, social choice and voting, and fair allocation theory.
Professor PARK Do Joon
Prof. PARK Do Joon
Professor JO Dong-Joon
Prof. JO Dong-Joon
International Organization
Professor SEOK Chaok
Prof. SEOK Chaok
Computational Biology and Biomolecular Engineering