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BK21 Post-Doctoral Research Positions

Jun 03, 2010

BK21 Post-Doctoral Research Positions

BK21 Mathematical Sciences Division at Seoul National University is offering one-year post-doctoral fellowship to a limited number of researchers in all fields of mathematics. The positions are funded by BK21 project. Candidates should hold a Ph.D degree or complete Ph.D programs no later than by August 2010.
Salary will be given according to BK21 project guidelines. The successful applicants are required to carry out all the duties imposed BK21 Mathematical Science Division, and on completing the fellowship, submit a form of research reports and list of research papers made during the appointed period.

The applications and all the supporting matrials must be received by the BK21 Mathematical Science Division on July , 9, 2010.
- Application form including a list of publications(Use application form provided by the BK-21, Mathematical Science Division .)

- Two letters of recommendations which applicants should arrange to be sent directly to the address below.

- Statements of research plan with specific description of research area and objectives either in Korean or in English.

- Abstract of Ph.D thesis

- Other relevant information that applicants feel necessary for evaluating his/her own research capability (for example, list of preprints or reprints)

Please send applications and all the inquires to :

Search Committee
BK21 Mathematical Science Division
School of Mathematical Sciences
Seoul National University
Seoul 151-747 Korea

TEL +82-2-880-5740
FAX +82-2-887-4694