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January 25, 2011

Sep 22, 2011

A SNU student who passed away last July while doing volunteer work in Tanzania will be awarded an honorary graduation diploma next month. Lee Yong Joon, a student of the Architecture Department, had been to Tanzania on four occasions beginning from his freshman year. He did a wide range of volunteer work from building wells to completing construction blue prints for school buildings. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology recognized this endeavor and awarded Lee the 'Korean talent prize' last December.
Published in KyungHyang Shinmun
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30 SNU students visited WooChun middle school in Hoengsung, Kangwon province. The students visit the middle school for 4 days and they will mentor 60 students. The mentor program is part of the 'SNU mentoring program' where SNU students take on students in remote and underdeveloped areas. The program does not end as a one-time event and the middle school students keep in touch with the SNU students through the website and are expected to visit SNU in April.
Published in Yonhap News

SNU's school of chemical and the biological engineering and Microorganism engineering lab is developing a bio-electronic nose that has similar smelling senses to the human nose. The labatory has 30 domestic and foreign patents including 7 patents related to the smell sense. SNU Professor Park Tai Hyun leads the project.
Published in Hankyung

SNU's linguistic professor Kwon Jae Il talks about the work of the National Institute of Korean Language where he is the president. The institute is working on promoting incorrectly yet frequently used words to the status of a standard word. The process of selecting multi standard words is necessary as some terms are being misused by most of the nation. The institute is also undergoing a 1.7 Billion KRW project, transferring technical words from 17 fields into Korean words.
Published in Kookmin Ilbo

According to a survey conducted by Professor Park Min Sun’s SNU Hospital home doctoring team women who eat more carbohydrates are more prone to metabolic disorder. The doctors are recommending low carbohydrates while others say that traditional Korean foods such as rice and wheat are carbohydrates that are not harmful.
Published in Hankyoreh

Following the incorporation of SNU, other national universities are wondering whether they will follow SNU’s footsteps. The larger region-based national universities are keener on the idea and convincing the professors is the remaining main obstacle. The smaller national universities are worried for their survival in the event they incorporate.
Published in University News Network

While SNU, Yonsei university, Ewha university, SookMyung University has decided to freeze tuition fees, Korea university, Hanyang University, Sogang university and other major private universities are facing enormous opposition as they attempt to raise tuition fees.
Published in Hankyoreh

While Korea's Average National Income is only 54th in the world university's tuition fees is the 2nd highest in the world. The average tuition fees were 7.5 million KRW a year and the national university tuition fees were over 5 million KRW a year. The private university’s selfish attempts to increase assets are to blame for the overall high tuition fees.
Published in Hankyoreh

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has confirmed that Yonsei university, Sungshin woman’s University and Ajou University has illegally used their tuition fees. The Education ministry has warned the universities and asked them to undertake measures to prevent further violations.
Published in JoongAng Ilbo

SNU's honorary Professor Kim Jae wan has gathered a group of scientists to discuss the right site for the International Science Business Belt. Previously, politicians and regional cities and provinces have argued amongst themselves. Professor Kim demands the government to listen to the scientists’ views when deciding where to build the 3.5 trillion KRW investment.
Published in Maeil Business Newspaper

Starting from the new semester, regular universities can upload their lectures online just like cyber universities do. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology are going to provide legislation so universities will have a legal basis. The lectures are aimed to help the education of the general public and are not meant to be a part of the course.
Published in Yonhap News

SNU's Honorary professor Lee In Ho talks about the dark realities concerning Korean History education in the Korean education system. She talks about how the anti-communist sentiment distorted the direction of history education and even today historians are finding in hard to untangle the mess. She also points out the problems of the subject no longer being compulsory and the irrational process the history textbook goes through.
Published in JoongAng Ilbo

SNU's professor Kim Wan Jin of the Economics department criticizes the government for over regulating the universities. He warns that the regulation on tuition fees is against the principles of the market and prevents the development of universities. He also worries about the regulation on essay writing examinations.
Published in Munhwa Ilbo

SNU's Professor Kwak Keum Joo of the Psychology department talks about the importance of non-verbal communication in relationships. She talks about the law of Mehrabian and a study conducted by MIT both of which shows the importance of nonverbal communication.
Published in Seoul Shinmun

SNU's professor Lee Bong Joo of the department of Social Welfare talks about the Free school meal policy. He emphasizes that a lot of discussion must come first and the nation shouldn't be divided because of the issue. He points out the free meals aren't exactly free and the expansion of the welfare nation does not necessarily mean the expansion of welfare.
Published in Seoul Shinmun

Professor HAN Min Koo of the Electricity and Computer Engineering department talks about the prospect of a Korean getting a scientific Nobel prize. He talks about the current grim situation in Korea but thinks that the future is bright.
Published in Donga Ilbo

SNU's Professor Kim Yong Ik of the Medical department talks about the free welfare policy. He believes the plans for free welfare is a good idea. He also finds the accusation of the welfare polices of being a part of populism unfair.
Published in Kyunghyang Shinmun

SNU's professor Kim Jun ki of the administration department talks about the direction public enterprises should take. He points out while the public enterprises have a bad reputation they have a great track record. He talks about ways of solve this problem.
Published in Maeil Business Newspaper

Summarized by YU Minseok, SNU English Editor