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February 1, 2011

Sep 22, 2011

Through a joint-research SNU's Professor Hyeon Taeghwan's team and the team of SNU Hospital's Professor Moon Woo Kyung and Professor Park Kyong Soo successfully developed a MRI Contrast Media 3 times stronger than the original versions. The new contrast Medias are able to observe down to the cellular level.
Published in Maeil Business Newspaper
Also in Hankyung

SNU has denied reports that a SNU professor and 50 SNU students are trapped in Egypt's capital as civil riots get uncontrollable. SNU has announced that Professor Bae Chul Hyun has taken 25 students who have completed the AFP to another region of Egypt, not Cairo. SNU added that Professor Bae organized the trip as an individual, not in the capacity of a SNU professor.
Published in Newsis

The Foreign Language schools succeeded in this year's SNU admission, as 395 of their graduates were admitted to the university out of the total 3438 students. This is an increase from last year’s 305 students. The number of successful International school graduates has risen from last year's 12 to 39 this year. Schools situated abroad also did well, doubling their numbers from six to twelve. Although 71.1% or 2443 of the new students are Standard high school graduates, this is a decrease from last year's 2521 students or 73%. Science school graduates also decreased from last year's 397 or 11.5% to 351 or 10.2% this year. Students from Seoul and Gyeonggi province has decreased and the number of schools that are sending at least 1 student to SNU has decreased from 1013 to 983. The ratio of female students have decreased 2.5% to 37.5%.
Published in Kyunghyang
Also in Kookmin Ilbo
Also in Donga Ilbo
Aso in Maeil Business Newspaper
Also in Seoul Shinmun
Also in JoongAng Ilbo
Also in Hankook Ilbo

The Korean Scholastic ability test or Sooneung was very difficult this year, leaving the Admission Officer System to be ineffective. The Education Ministry had aimed the Admission Officer System to control the cost of private education however due to the difficult Korean Scholastic ability test this year; it has failed to fulfill its objectives.
Published in Seoul Shinmun

Kim Moon Han, SNU Professor Emeritus, has been selected to be awarded with the 3.1 Culture awards. Professor Kim is one of the three people who are being awarded, and they will be given a pure gold medal and 50 Million KRW.
Published in JoongAng Ilbo

Lotte Shopping Representative Lee Chul Woo will receive the SNU AMP award. Lotte Shopping has been recognized for being in the DJSI World index for two years in a row and has broken the 1 Trillion KRW mark in profits for the first time in the Distribution business.
Published in Hankook Ilbo

The major universities in Seoul have increased their tuition fees by 3%. Apart from Konkuk University who wanted a 4.7% increase, the other universites are in line with the 3% increase guideline set by the Education Ministry. Korea University initially wanted a 5.1% increase but faced fierce student opposition and decreased it to a 2.9% increase. Sogang and Hanyang University also decided a 2.9% increase while Sung kyun Kwan University decided a 3% increase.
Published in University News Network

The Education Ministry and the Korea Scholarship foundation has decided to set up a National scholarship for low-income highly achieving students. They will be receiving applications in March. 100 Billion KRW has been allocated to be given to 19 thousand students. The students have to be in the lower 20% economically and have to have a GPA above an A to receive the scholarship but the grade standard can be adjusted for each school.
Published in Hankook Ilbo

Korean Universities are heavily relying on tuition fees for their finances compared to their counterparts in other OECD countries. The tuition fees take 39.8% in national universities and 68.9% in Private universities. In America, it is 16.8% for State Universities and 26% for Private universities. The government urges the universities to improve company-university cooperation to attempt to acquire diverse routes of financial sufficiency. The Korean Universities however, blame the government for excessive legal limitations in managing the finances and the lack of any effective policies.
Published in Seoul Shinmun

Professor Song Ho Keun writes about the death of writer Park Wan Suh and her life.
Published in JoongAng Ilbo

Professor Moon Yong-Lin believes the EBS should receive 15% of the Television license fee instead of the current 3%.
Published in Segye Ilbo

Summrized by YU Minseok, SNU English Editor