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February 10, 2011

Sep 23, 2011

LEE Soon-Ja, Sookmyung Women's University honorary professor in the Department of Library and Information Sciences, who lost her husband KIM Jae-Ik (senior secretary for economic affairs) in the 1983 Aung San terrorist bombing in Burma, donated two billion KRW to her and her husband's alma mater SNU. The donation will be used to support outstanding students from developing countries that are to be public officials in Seoul National University's name.
- Published in JoongAng Ilgo

CHOI Yong-Joon, the head of Chunjae Education -- a company that publishes educational materials, donated two billion KRW to his alma mater SNU for the scholarship to students in need of financial aid on February 8. He has donated 2.5 billion KRW in total so far since 1986. He mentioned that returning profits to society is merely a promise he made to himself in his youth.
- Published in DongA Ilbo

LEE In-Bok, SNU professor of Rural System Engineering in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, who was the first in Korea to succeed in capturing the foot-and-mouth disease virus in the air, warned in his interview that the virus can move through the air with dust. He emphasized that the government should prepare countermeasures for the spread of this virus through air.
- Published in JoongAng Ilbo

KIM Rando, SNU professor Consumer Studies and Resource Management in the College of Human Ecology and the author of the recently popular "It Hurts Because You're Young" expresses his hope of becoming a professor that helps students' dream. He stressed that the older generation should not press the twenties but embrace and console them going through a difficult period in life.
- Published in Hankook Ilbo

SNU will present information sessions on college admissions every month starting from this March. The sessions are intended to alleviate private educational costs parents pay for admissions information and to correct many incorrect information that are being provided by the private education institutes.
- Published in Herald Business

The former vice-minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism KIM Do-Hyun, who was expelled for leading the June 3rd student demonstrations in 1964, finally graduated, almost 50 years after he first entered SNU as the demonstrations were acknowledged as a pro-democracy movement.
- Published in Munhwa Ilbo

SNU and Samsung Mobile Display co-established on February 9 an Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) Research Center on campus. The OLED Research Center will develop original technology and train top-level human resources with professors from Computer Engineering, Chemistry, and Material Science and Engineering.
- Published in Hankyung

KIM Yoo-Yong, SNU professor of Animal Biotechnology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, who is operating an experimental farm in Chungcheongbuk-do was devastated when its animals showed signs of the foot-and-mouth disease symptom. This was especially shocking because Professor Kim strictly prohibited cars from passing the farm and ordered all his workers to take showers before entering it. He had previously criticized the government for not effectively preventing the spread of the diseases when as little as 100 million KRW was all that was needed.
- Published in Naeil Shinmoon

The representative of GM Korea announced on February 9 that it donated 500 million KRW to the Seoul National University Children's Hospital Supporters Association. The donation will be used for children from low-income families, suffering rare diseases, or who are long-term patients.
- Published in Money Today

CHANG Dal Joong, SNU professor of Politics in the College of Social Sciences, writes an opinion on JoongAng Ilbo explaining that the call for 'civility and tolerance' Obama made after the Tucson massacre is seen as striking the right tone. Its idea can be traced to Reagan's politics. With this explained Professor Chang demanded President LEE Myung-Bak and the opposition party representative SOHN Hak-Kyu decisively throw away their dogmatism and resort to politics of 'tolerance'.
- Published in JoongAng Ilbo

JUN SangIn, SNU professor of Sociology in the College of Social Sciences, writes a column explaining the sociological analysis behind the current trend of the rich taking over the dwellings of the poor as high-rise apartments begin to be built in poor hillside villages. He warned against the apparent vertical polarization of dwellings between the rich and the poor.
- Published in Chosun Ilbo

CHANG Dukjin, SNU professor of Sociology in the College of Social Sciences, evaluates the 3 years of Lee Myung-Bak's administration that it caused the socialization and politicization of risks. He referred to the Candlelight Rallies which took place against the possibility of U.S. beef contaminated to the mad cow disease (BSE), the Four Rivers Project, and the recent foot-and-mouth disease which resulted in the death of over two million livestocks as evidence of the government's dereliction of duty and its incompetence.
- Published in Kyunghyang Shinmun

Yoon Jihyun, SNU professor of Food and Nutrition in the College of Human Ecology, deplores the how even the most basic justice is absent in Korea due to prevalent corruption. She asserted that these basic justices should be integrated in law and systems.
- Published in Maeil Business Newspaper

LEE Stephen (Seung Hoon), SNU honorary professor of Economics, explains how the method of payment in international transactions has changed from barter, to gold, then finally to today's Letter of Credit (L/C) and Bill of Landing (B/L) - a complexion due to banks acting as a proxy - in his 'Economics Mentoring' column.
- Published in HanKyung

Summarized by BoYoung Lee, SNU English Editor,